LazrPulsr System creates safe, effective, Natural Energy Health Care Systems for professional use and individual patients under the supervision of their primary care doctors.

The first question anyone should ask about a therapy procedure is “Is this safe?” Regardless of how much it may help, (Can it make me worse?) should be the first concern.

There are many different forms of laser therapy in the field that call themselves Low Level, Cold, Low Intensity, and so on. However, to know how safe any laser device is you need to look at the FDA classification of the laser and the medical device classification for its use.

With any form of laser therapy even those considered relatively safe, there are still multiple safety issues that should be considered such as:

We at LazrPulsr System consider SAFETY to be the FIRST and PRIMARY above all else. Therefore we take great measures to insure that the LazrPulsr Therapy Systems are among the safest therapeutic lasers on the market today.


Following Safety, the next greatest concern is, how effective is this therapy and how much will it help me?

Because after all, if it is not effective, why wast the time.

The reason LazrPulsr System therapies are so effective is we do not use just one form of therapy. We use multiple forms of informational medicine such as Light therapy, Frequency therapy, Homeopathy, Reflexology, etc. Each of these therapies in its own merit is classified as a stand alone therapy and has thousands of research studies over the past 50 to 100 years documenting each of their individual effectiveness. However, when you combine these therapies together they create a therapy much greater than the sum of each one alone. They create a true Natural Energy Medicine health Care System.

It is said by many researchers that light therapy is not only confusing but contradictory. If so, then how is anyone to know the truth or even how to use light therapy correctly.

As with any product, especially with new and highly technical products like light therapy there is always a profit to be made by keeping the purchaser ignorant and confused.

We at LazrPulsr System believe that education is the antidote for confusion, and truth is the antidote for contradictions. LazrPulsr System offers free educational seminars at our location where we present the true scientific facts of light therapy which are not confusing or contradictory, in fact they are not even difficult to understand.

Any therapeutic device is only as effective as the users ability to operate it. We believe that Natural Energy Medicine should not only be easy to use but by simply following the set standards and procedures providers should be able to achieve consistent highly effective results on all of their patients. Therefore we do not sell therapy lasers, or homeopathic remedies or even frequency databases. Instead we develop, manufacture and sell Natural Energy Medicine health care systems.

Finally we applied the science of ergonomics or human engineering when we designed and manufactured the LazrPulsr 4X. This science significantly adds to the ease and simplicity of operation for our therapy systems.