(The following information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All sample therapies listed in this guide are for investigational use only by licensed health care professionals.)

All sample therapies listed in this guide are for investigational use only by licensed health care professionals and not given as a treatment for any disease process. Nor is this guide to be utilized to diagnose any injury or disease process.

The Mk III Home Therapy Laser has been specifically designed for the Home user.

All the remedies associated with the 35 Home Therapy programs have already been imprinted into the laser itself. Therefore there are no Therapy Cards required for these programs. The Home Therapy Laser was designed to be simple to use and extremely portable for such uses as travel, camping, and even hiking. Having to manage multiple Therapy Cards would limit the use of this unit.

The following card index lists all the therapy programs and therapy cards that are in the Mk III Home therapy system. The programs are sorted in three different methods. 1. By program number. 2. By name in alphabetical order. 3. By date of creation. We have left it in a Microsoft Office Excel file so you can search or reformat the file as you wish.

Mk III Home Therapy Card Index

We currently have multiple therapy procedures and one therapy guide for different symptoms for the Mk III Home therapy system.

Mk III Home Brain Longevity Procedure

Mk III Home Custom Therapy Programs

Mk III Home Flu Programs

Mk III Home General – Foundational Health Treatment Record

Mk III Home GMO Recovery Procedure & Treatment Record

Mk III Home Lyme Recovery

Mk III Home Plague Protocol

Mk III Home Staphlococcal Infection

Mk III Home Streptococcal Infection

Mk III Home Traumatic Stress Recovery

Mk III Home TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

Mk III Home Viral Therapy Description

     Mk III Home Viral Therapy

     Mk III Home Viral Immunity

Mk III Home West Nile Infection (same as Viral Immunity)

Mk III Home Whiplash

The following 35 Therapy Programs are referred to as our Home Therapy Programs and were specifically created for our Mk III Home Therapy System.

How to Utilize the Home Therapy Programs

Program #001 Fatigue Recovery

Program #002 Aura Health

Program #003 Radiation Detox

Program #004 Structural Balance (side a)

Program #004 Structural Balance (side b)

Program #005 Maintenance (side a)

Program #005 Maintenance (side b)

Program #006 All Pain

Program #007 Headache

Program #008 Allergy

Program #009 Burns

Program #010 Fractures

Program #011 Strain / Sprain

Program #012 Wounds

Program #013 Surgery

Program #014 Venomous Bites

Program #015 Sleep

Program #016 Emotional Stress

Program #017 Digestive Health

Program #018 Ear Health

Program #019 Eye Health

Program #020 Diabetes

Program #021 Glandular Health

Program #022 Hormonal Health

Program #023 Joint Health

Program #024 Lung Health

Program #025 Lymph

Program #026 Meninges

Program #027 Skin Health

Program #028 Neuro Health

Program #029 Detoxification

Program #030 Arthritis

Program #031 Bacterial Infection

Program #032 Flu / Viruses

Program #033 Fungus

Program #034 Lyme

Program #035 West Nile

Program #50 Pain, is a required program for FDA Clearance. It is not recommended for actual use!

Programs #51 through #99 are individual Frequency programs that will run for 10 minutes each. These programs are typically prescribed by your physician for specific conditions as needed.

The following 23 therapy programs perform the Mk III Foundational Health Protocol. They require 23 Home Therapy Cards to complete the procedure as these Home Therapy Cards are each imprinted with a specific homeopathic remedy that must be held by the patient during the procedure. 

Letter describing the Foundational Health Procedure

Mk III Home Foundational Health Treatment Record

Program #100 Mus Skel Balance (side a)

Program #100 Mus Skel Balance (side b)

Program #101 Neurotoxins Home

Program #102 Spiritual Cleansing Home

Program #103 Aura Attachment Home

Program #104 Body Reset Home

Program #105 All Emotional Trauma Home

Program #106 All Fluids Home

Program #107 Emotional Stress Home

Program #108 All Organs Home

Program #109 All Glands / Cells Home

Program #110 All Systems Home

Program #111 All Tissues Genes Home

Program #112 All Bone Aura Home

Program #113 All Cell Mutations Home

Program #114 Allergy Mix Home

Program #115 Migraine Headache Home

Program #116 Aura Health Home

Program #117 Mild TBI

Program #118 Inflammation

Protocol Card All Auto Immune Home

Protocol Card Allergy Home

Protocol Card Intolerance Home

Protocol Card Sensitivity Home