Did you know that “Natural Energy Medicine” is the next major step in laser therapy?

The use of light in therapy has come a long way in the past 80 years. It began with Light Therapy – exposing your patients to full spectrum light or sunlight to correct the damage caused by the lack of sun light. Then in the 50s we learned how to create coherent light with lasers. This didn’t replace the need for natural sunlight but it was a major advancement in energy medicine and health care in general. Coherent light was originally called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Even though LLLT has become a term almost all light and laser therapy products are now called, true LLLT is still an amazing therapy.

However there is still another giant step in laser therapy that is becoming widely known as “Natural Energy Medicine”. Where LLLT is an amazing therapy, it’s still very generalized in its application so it is usually utilized as an advanced physical therapy procedure.

By comparison, “Natural Energy Medicine” can be extremely specific in targeting almost any health issue; therefore it can be considered a true health care system and not just a general physical therapy.

Natural Energy Medicine utilizes True LLLT as its foundation and delivery system. It then adds multiple other forms of informational therapy to the LLLT. This is the major difference between True LLLT and the other forms of laser therapy. Other forms of laser therapy utilize heat or mechanical, or chemical stimulus as its mode of stimulating the body. But true LLLT is about delivering informational energy and managing information of the body. Einstein outlined this entire process in the 30s, 20 years before lasers were even invented.

Natural Energy Medicine requires at least 3 specific informational forms of therapy before it can be considered natural Energy Medicine. First is true LLLT as the foundational delivery system. Then Frequency therapy and Homeopathy are aded.

Many other forms of informational therapy can be added to this combination including nutrition, reflexology, timing, essential oils, chiropractic, massage and many others. However the first three forms of information are still essential. Frequency therapy is produced by turning each laser diode on and off an exact number of times each second with high precision and range. The effect is called Frequency Biomodulation of tissues. Homeopathy is added to the therapy by inducting it into the laser itself and also by exposing the patient to specific homeopathic remedies during the therapy session.

The only question that remains is this. If you are utilizing LLLT in your office, are you utilizing a 60 year old therapy system that could only qualify as a physical therapy modality at best? Or are you utilizing an advanced form of “Natural Energy Medicine” that has the ability to treat all of the current forms of injury and disease. Even more importantly, if you are not currently utilizing any form of LLLT, which one will you choose? Because sooner or later you will have to choose one as it is the health care system of tomorrow.

Dr. Gerry Graham III

President: LazrPulsr System

Miracles of Medicine

How I Can Heal Your Pain without Touching You


I’ve told you in the past about the incredible healing power of frequencies. And I’ve
shown you how color, which is a frequency, can heal in miraculous ways. Now there’s a
way to treat pain (and many other conditions) with the intense frequencies of a portable
Valerie Hudson is a cheerful woman of 65. She has suffered through 16 years of
unabated facial pain and headaches.
She was sure it was coming out of her upper left eye tooth, but no dentist would listen.
All the exams and X-rays were negative. There was little doubt that she had a subclinical
infection. Every time she was given antibiotics, here headache cleared. And she would
have a green sinus discharge at times – a sign of infection. And kinesiology (muscle
testing) strongly suggested the tooth was problematic. I suggested neural therapy. She
took my advice and got an injection of procaine ( a local anesthetic) and oxygen/ozone
gas into the local area of the tooth root. Her pain cleared! However, it came back three
days later with somewhat less intensity.
Several months back, I was asked to check out a laser and report on it in the newsletter
if I was impressed. Terri and I had just finished a weekend course on low level laser
therapy (LLLT) just a few days before Valerie’s visit. Sitting in my chair, listening to
her, I asked if she would mind if I played Dr. McCoy (the doctor from Star Trek). She
laughed and readily agreed.
I pulled out the portable device, which isn’t much bigger than my hand, and sat down
about three feet from her. I set the laser for the bone frequency (teeth are bone), and
beamed the four laser lights at the area of her infected tooth roo9t. We just sat talking
while the red light bathed and penetrated her skin. As 5 milliwatts, you don’t feel
anything – not even heat.

A minute later, Valerie’s color, tone, and voice suddenly changed. “It’s gone! The pain is
gone and you didn’t eve touch me!” We were both astounded.
But it doesn’t stop there. Valerie returned several days later, still without facial and
head pain. She told me that last summer she broke her left arm just below the ball
at the shoulder joint. Even with the fracture healed, she was left with chronic pain,
immobility, and basically a useless are. Moving it or loading the joint with any force was
Once again, I beamed her with the bone frequency. She regained considerable motion
right on the spot. In fact, she was able to push herself out of her chair on her own power.
I’m currently testing the device for various other conditions and will soon bring you
a full report on LLLT and this highly advanced and easy to use instrument. The great
news about this device is that you can use it in your own home. So if you or your doctor
are looking for ways to heal your pain or speed your wound healing, you might want to
check out www.lasrpulsr.com or call 303-696-6532.

Dr. Robert Jay Rowen’s


February 2006
Vol. XVI, No. 2