What we believe and how that affects our products:

To understand our products you must first understand a series of concepts that our products were built on.

What is the Human Body?

Amazingly enough, everyone has one yet few really understand what it is. We believe that a human being is made up of two basic components. One is the body which is just a very high tech machine with the primary purpose of being the home of the second part. That second part is the person that lives in this machine. And even though the two are very intertwined when we are speaking about Health Care we are primarily speaking of the body or machine not the individual. However, when you understand that there are two parts and that they do have significant effects on each other, this explains the unexplainable occurrences of health care. So even though we are primarily speaking about how to fix the body or machine we are ever mindful about the person that lives inside that machine also.

How was the body made?

Just like your car, if you are trying to fix something we believe you should know who built it and why.

We believe the body was created or built by God just as described in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

We also believe that the earth was created for us to live on and provides everything we need to live a long healthy life.

How does the body work?

Given that our bodies were created, then it stands to reason that they were engineered and designed with not only a purpose but with very precise design specifications. Just like the car you drive, those specifications include everything from the fuel our bodies were designed to run on to the billions of bites of stored information that control, manage, and regulate every single function and activity the body performs.

Why does the body get sick?

This is a two part answer.

First, we have already established that we were designed to run on specific types of fuel, and that fuel was provided for us on this earth. And just like your car, if you put the wrong fuel in your body it no longer runs properly. The average American does not live on the fuel that was created for them to live long healthy lives. Instead they consume man made adulterated synthetic non food food stuffs, plastics, artificial sweeteners, and the list goes on and on. It would be like putting water or what ever is convenient in your gas tank and wondering why your car does not run properly, if at all. This is why we offer basic advise on diet and nutritional supplementation to aid in the recovery and maintenance of health. You will find this advise within our brochures on this site which are great for every person not just our patients.

Secondly, we have already established that the body contains billions of bites of information that controls how we function. There is one thing about information on this planet, it is all corruptible, even the information in your body.

If you haven’t noticed, the more advanced any device becomes the more it depends on information to operate, and the less it depends on the mechanical hardware. The modern automobile has more computers than you can imagine and to repair one takes more of a computer expert than a mechanic. And just like your car, if any amount of information becomes corrupted, what ever function that information controls will no longer run properly. When this occurs in your body we call this disease or being sick.

How does this information become corrupted? Most people live with a cell phone in their ear, they live on neurotoxins (diet sweeteners), we are constantly exposed to EMFs and a thousand other toxic radiation sources, just to name a few, all of which will corrupt the bodies information and controlling programs.

How does our therapy systems help the body recover from illness or disease?

We believe the body was created with unbelievable healing and recovery properties. And as long as the body knows what to do and has proper communication through out the body there is little that it can not manage and recover from. Of course this has an exception for acute trauma which requires first aid care. This is why all of our health care systems operate on the same basic premise. We use multiple forms of informational medicine in an attempt to restore corrupted information and communication so that the body can regain control of it’s internal functions and health. This is why we call our therapy, Body Memory Reset.

As scientific technology advances we are able to develop more advanced methods of delivering new information, recovering corrupted information and restoring the communication within the body. This is why we are continually upgrading our existing Health Care Systems and developing new more advanced Health Care Systems. We are also continually developing products that would help utilize, promote, and educate clients and patients about our Health Care Systems.

Our 4 basic therapy products are described in this section.