The LazrPulsr health care System is more than just the therapy programs themselves. It is about making better health decisions in your diet, and lifestyle. We have created some simple one page brochures that are easy to read and follow. A couple of these brochures explain the basics of the therapy programs so you can further understand what the therapy does and how it works. They can also be used to help you explain to your friends and family the therapy you are receiving.

The other brochures give you easy to follow diet and lifestyle decisions. These choices are easy to follow as they do not require significant lifestyle changes. Usually they will make you life easier not harder. We already make these choices every day, these will help you make better choices that can lead to remarkable improvements in your overall health.

Introduction Brochure (Cover)        Introduction Brochure (Text)

Diet and Health Brochure (Cover)   Diet and Health Brochure (Text)

Vitamin Brochure (Cover)                  Vitamin Brochure (Text)

Exercise Brochure (Cover)                 Exercise Brochure (Text)

Trim Health Brochure (Cover)         Trim Health Brochure (Text)