Educational Material

This is an ongoing series of educational papers that contain the basic information of our seminars. These papers are kept up to date with our latest information, therapy procedures and programs for both the Mk III model and the Mk 7 model Therapy System.  For those that are unable to attend our seminars or for those that wish to just keep up with our latest information we publish these papers for your ongoing education in the field of Natural Energy Medicine.

1. Light Therapy

        “All forms of matter are really light waves in motion.”  – Albert Einstein

 2. Natural Energy Medicine (defined)

        “Light Therapy or Something Much More”

3. Natural Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

        “The foundation of Natural Energy Medicine”

4. Why is there so much confusion and contradiction over Light Therapy?

        “The Literature available on light therapy is not only confusing but contradictory (Basford, 1993)”

5. Frequency Therapy (Frequency Biomodulation)

        “The Next Frontier in Health Care”

6. Homeopathy

        “And other components that make up Natural Energy Medicine”

7. Laser Tools verses Laser Therapy Systems

        “Why should you have to develop your own therapy system”

8. Trim Health

        “The first Natural Energy Medicine answer to weight and shape?”

9. What does your doctor believe

        “Does the American Medical Association understand Natural Energy Medicine?”

10. Home Health Care

          *What makes Home Health Care a vital component of a quality business plan for any doctor?*

11. Can surgery be prevented

          *Can I prevent surgery by utilizing Natural Energy Medicine?*